Zoanna DaLuz Maney


My paintings are a view of a personal and private world in which I enter as a form of playground. In them is a strong spiritual presence of God that I need for protection and love, or when a sense of belonging to family arises which combines my facility and imagination. The cathartic use of childhood memories of abandonment give way to a personal expression filled with hope. Landscape, still-life, and the human figure remain central realities towards the invention of a visual mythology.

My hope is to allow the viewer to enter truth as I know it and to hopefully walk away strengthened and encouraged as I have been from the art making process and to identify and understand similar feelings of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual experiences of life’s struggles as expressed in my paintings. In the end art becomes a language in which we connect.


Abiding in the Light, an Artist Statement...


Abiding in the Light (detail)

30 x 40 in, Oil on Canvas, 2003